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And so, an App was born…

At least the idea for an app was born. The idea – to build an app that links real life locations and events viewed on an easy to use map interface to relevant products available on iTunes. We call this revolutionary and unique app MappLore. You can learn more on this site and download the app from iTunes here. MappLore acts as the guidebook in your pocket. It gives you a paragraph of information about locations near to your current location, about locations near to a location you enter in its search bar or about locations to do with a subject you’ve searched for. If you want to know even more about a subject the app then suggests highly relevant ebooks and apps available for you to purchase and read at leisure. This means that you never need to carry around a guidebook on holiday again.

So, with the scene setting out of the way, the aim of this blog is to tell readers what we’ve learned over the last 15 months and what we will learn in the future. I’ve waited until this point as it’s only with hindsight that I can give clear advice, hints and tips. I hope they help anyone embarking on a similar endeavour to avoid the mistakes we’ve made and get their app built and released faster.

The idea for our app had its genesis around 15 months ago and has only recently been released with a version ready to promote and be worthy of discerning iPhone and iPad users. In that time I and my two fellow project participants have come a long way. Not only have we independently created and released a totally new concept in mobile apps and product search we’ve gained an amazing amount of knowledge and experience along the way. To say we’re proud of what we’ve achieved is a massive understatement.

Even now we are far from the end of this incredible project in fact, to quote Winston Churchill “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

Look out for my next post on coming up with an idea and making it work.





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