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What is MappLore?

MappLore is your virtual guide linking locations, subjects and products.

With MappLore you can:

  • Find interesting historical and other facts about locations near you and beyond
  • Search by location using the Location search button – simply enter a place name or post/zip code.
  • Search by subject using the Keyword search button
  • Find related eBooks and Apps available for download from the iBookstore
  • Use the ‘MappLore Web’ to navigate between subjects and locations for hours of discovery
  • Zoom in for detailed satellite views of locations
  • Have a personal tour guide in your pocket

MappLore is a free App available for iPhone and iPad with upcoming releases for other operating systems.

What does MappLore Do?

At startup the App detects your Current Location and shows you the nearest 15 locations in your vicinity from our database for you to browse.  If you are looking for somewhere, or something, more specific then you can use either the Location Search or Keyword Search function to help you find it.

If you select Location Search, simply enter the city, town, post/zip code or region of interest in the Search Bar and MappLore will show you the nearest 15 locations to that place from its database.

If you select Keyword Search, you can enter a subject, topic or idea into the Search Bar to see what we have in our database that matches that keyword.

When you find what you’re looking for, MappLore will present you with any relevant material from iBookstore.

How do I use MappLore?

Follow our walkthrough guide to get the most of this new and unique way of discovering the world.

1)  While the App is loading you’ll see the MappLore splash screen.


Once loaded, you’ll be asked whether you allow MappLore to use your Current Location.  In order to get the most out of the App and experience it as intended, we strongly recommend you give your permission for the App to use your location data.  You will only be asked this when you first run MappLore and you can change you App permissions in your device Settings.

2)  The App will detect your Current Location and show it as a blue dot on the map.   MappLore will then show you the nearest 15 locations in your vicinity as orange ‘Pins’ on the map.  Each Pin represents a location from our database.

Note: If you keep iAds displayed some pins may be hidden behind the ad banner.  Simply scroll around the map to view all Pins, and zoom in/out as desired.  You can even change the Map Type between Standard, Hybrid and Satellite mode for your optimal App experience.

iAds can be permanently removed using the in-App purchase feature by selecting ‘Upgrade to Remove iAds’ from the ‘More’ menu for a small fee.

3)  To find out more about each pin, simply tap one and you’ll see a Pop-up with the location name along with an informative description about the site.  Below this you’ll see a list of books available from the Apple iBookstore that are related to that place.

4)  Selecting one of the books from the Pop-up will take you to a page specifically about it, where you can see the book title, author, price and description.

If you want to get the book, simply tap the ‘Get It!’ button and you’ll be directed to the relevant page on the iBookstore where you can complete the purchase with Apple using your AppleID – all completely secure.  The chosen book will then be downloaded and can be synched across all of your iOS devices via iCloud.

Alternatively you can return to the full list of pop-up results by pressing the ‘Back’ button at the top left of the screen.

You can close each Pop-up by pressing the ‘X’ button at the top left of each Pop-up.

How do I perform a search?

At the heart of MappLore is the ability to search for places or subjects of interest.  The key search modes in MappLore are ‘Location Search’, ‘Keyword Search’ and ‘Related Links’.

Location Search is accessed by tapping the Location Search button and then entering either city, town, post/zip code or region into the Search Bar.  You will then see from our database the nearest 15 Pins to that location.

When Keyword Search is selected, simply enter an idea, subject or event into the Search Bar and you will see returned any number of Location Pins that match that keyword.

Related Links are accessed by scrolling to the bottom of any Location Pin Pop-up.  Selecting a Related Link will search for and return all matching Location Pins from the database about that subject.

What is the ‘More’ menu for?

Tapping this button reveals several options

About MappLore – This will take you to our website where you can learn more about the App and stay up to date with our developments.  You can also find the MappLore Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Contact/Report – This will startup your email client so you can make contact with us or if you wish to report a problem.  Maybe you have a suggestion to improve our service or maybe you have come across an error in our database.  Please let us know of any issues so we can try to resolve them before giving us a negative rating on iTunes!

Watch Tutorial – View the Walkthrough MappLore Tutorial video.

Upgrade to Remove iAds – If you would like to experience MappLore without the ad banner on the map screen you can use the in-App purchase feature to remove the ad banner for a small fee.

Restore Purchase – If you should need to restore your purchase for whatever reason this link will guide you through the process.

I can’t find what I’m looking for?

Our database has to grow and we know that don’t have everything covered.  If we don’t have anything matching your keyword, we will still present you with a list of popular searches in the hope you can at least find something of interest.  We would advise you to check MappLore often and research using the keyword, as we will be continually populating our database.

You may find instances when there are non-specific books listed at a location.  We can only recommend what is available to buy on iTunes and if there isn’t a specific item for sale then we have tried to suggest books with a similar subject matter to the site.

If you feel we are missing something obvious or inappropriate material is being listed, please tell us about it using the ‘Contact/Report’ option in the More menu.

I’m an author/publisher, how can I get my book sold at a specific location?

We want to hear from you!  Please contact us via the ‘Contact/Report’ option in the ‘More’ menu and tell us about your book and where you want it to appear.  We can even guarantee your book placement within the top 3 results so you can best reach your target audience.  Ask us for more details.

Where can I find the MappLore Terms of Service or Privacy Policy?

Does MappLore use cookies?

Both and the MappLore Application use cookies to enhance your user experience.  Please see the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.

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